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Hi I’m Krystal,


I am Certified in Holistic Nutrition Consulting; graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2017. I am 44 years old, a single mom of two sweet girls, and a stage 3 colon cancer survivor.  I teach Nutrition, Art and Wellness workshops in both the corporate world and in the community. And I also offer one on one programs for individuals who are desiring to bring doable and realistic health changes into their daily lifestyle and who want a more simplistic life full of meaningful self-care. 

I was 37 years old and had just given birth to my second child when I heard the words “you have cancer”. 


I was a busy mom juggling a billion things at once and my diagnosis was so unexpected that everything came crashing down.

It was during my cancer journey that I truly realized I needed to put myself first.

I beat the odds and beat my cancer in 2016 and I knew that did not want to go through this again. Putting into practice realistic self-care habits and routines , hormone balancing and essential oils to support my mood and mental wellness, and quality supplements and proper nutrition to support my physical body have been key in bouncing back and thriving.

You are not destined to be sick and tired, either. And, you certainly don’t have to do this alone.

I use these experiences to work with people who are ready to make a change and desire to live a fulfilling life rich in balance and happiness.


With real food , supplements and healthy mindset strategies, I can help you create the space in your life for self-care; space to thrive, and space to nourish yourself at EVERY level.


A self-care plan that is unique to YOU and your (real) life is what is going to be effective, realistic and attainable. With one on one support with healthy food , customized self-care tools and habit building ; it is possible to do it in your own way to succeed.



It doesn’t have to be complicated. 

I look forward to spending some time with you!
Warm regards and healthy vibes,
Plant Box
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