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Hi, I’m Krystal,

Single mom of two daughters, Indigenous, cat mom, artist, potion maker, herbalism student, certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, witch, and healer. Currently completing a degree in Indigenous Studies while running a business and working part-time for the government. Life is a gift! 


With wholesome foods, skin and beauty care, supplements, and healthy mindset strategies, I help you create the space in your life for self-care, to thrive, and to nourish yourself at EVERY level.


I love creating plans and products unique to YOU and your (real) life needs. Practical, realistic, and attainable. With my one-on-one support with healthy food, customized self-care tools, and habit-building, finding what works specifically for you is possible.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Warm regards and healthy vibes,
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Nutrition & Holistic Assessments, Meal Plans, customized Food Lists, Holistic Health Plans, one-on-one coaching and accountability sessions.

Moon Circles:


Established in 2019, our brand,  The Crow & Spoon, is Little Bird Holistic's  Apothecary and Store for Herbal Teas, Ritual Oils, Beard  Oils, Facial Serums, Elixirs, Essential Oil Rollers, and Herbal Smoke Blends.  We also sell bespoke Vintage and Thrift Finds.


We are excited to announce that in Fall 2023, we have taken over Pure Essentials, a beautiful handcrafted beauty and wellness line.  We look forward to continuing to craft their existing favorites as well as adding our own magical spin on upcoming new creations.

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