*Rosalyn Fung is a Self-Love Life & Business Coach for Women and Entrepreneurs. She is PASSIONATE about specializing in helping women entrepreneurs who suffer from “not enough syndrome”: self-sabotaging behaviours, overwhelm, burn out, and lack confidence to put themselves out there, by shifting core beliefs and develop business strategy systems so they can ultimately get more clients, make more money and CREATE HIGH IMPACT in this world.

Do you have a favourite self care or self love ritual or routine that you do daily? Why? And how does it help you?

As an entrepreneur, it’s INCREDIBLY important for me to be grounded both in mind, body and spirit.  

At night, I look at my calendar and make a checklist of what I am going to focus on the next day. This helps me stay focused and clear. When I don’t do this, I feel scattered.

As a daily ritual, I love to exercise first thing in the AM, followed by a meditation with self-reiki. I sometimes also pull out cards (I LOVE Gabby Bernstein’s The Univ...

Self-care is a big buzzword now. We've all heard it, but why is it important, and what is is really? I'll break it down for you and share what it has done for me.


That's right! Before I began to care for myself aka self-care, I was just going along on the ride of life. I didn't give my journey much thought, nor how I was showing up in the world, or what I really wanted for my life. You see, many of us are living on auto-pilot, clueless to the crazy thoughts that keep us up at night, we think stressed is a way of living, and that we have no control of our lives. 


We wake up tired, run around and get everyone up and out the door. We're lucky if we grab something to eat on our chaotic way out the door. We go to work where we're not happy. We rush out of work at the end of an exhausting day, late to grab kids who have to change for dance or sports in the car, and we're lucky if we have time to hit a drive-thru in all our daily madness....

What you put on your skin, your lifestyle, nutrition and exercise do truly have an impact on the health of your skin.   

Gisele Garcia is one amazing example of this. Just check out her photo!

I came across Gisele's story in the Radiant Rebels group I am a part of as an avid fan and user of Batty's Bath all natural, toxin free beauty and skin care products. As you will read in the following exchange....Gisele has given me permission to share her journey.

Gisele commented: "Posting this is very huge for me! I was hesitant because I am embarrassed but I really want to show all of you Radiant Rebels how Batty's Bath changed my life!"

As her photo collage shows, Gisele started her skin improvement journey in the summer of 2017 and has seen amazing improvement in her cystic acne just one year later.

"I struggled so much with my skin and people always pointing it out and often getting unwanted advice or tips. I dealt with self esteem issues since I started to break out this bad. I wore...

When everything around you feels overwhelming and out of control, sometimes just knowing there’s something waiting for you for dinner feels like the warmest blessing imaginable. 

Meal planning takes the wind right out of hangry sails and makes the frustration of having to decide to disappear.

You are in control. You don’t have to bend to the whims of fast food consumerism. It’s your party and you get what you want, not what the closest take out option is. 

I think sometimes we make it harder then it needs to be, so here are some of the ways I’ve helped make meal planning easier for my clients.

Cook once, eat many times.

If you’re cooking it anyway, double or triple it. Nothing makes dinner happier at the end of an exhausting or surprising day then knowing dinner is literally in your freezer and ready to go. A few great candidates for this type of cooking ahead include meat sauce (for pasta), chili (meatless or meat filled, it doesn’t matter) and soup.

Go easy on yourself.

There are times when...

July 9, 2018

Can Simple Self-Care Prevent an Opiate Relapse? The Answer May Surprise You

Photo Credit: Pexels

If you’re recovering from opiate addiction, know you’re not alone. Opiate addiction has become an

epidemic in this country, with millions suffering every year. By being in recovery, you are already taking a positive stride toward recovery, but you may be afraid of having a relapse. While relapse is common, and nothing to be ashamed of, there are some self-care solutions that may help you avoid it:

Take Care of Your Health 

The point of self-care is to take care of yourself. You need to stay healthy and contribute to your recovery to combat your addiction and avoid relapse. Diet and exercise should be at the core of your health plan, but you need to find ways to relieve stress as well. Try to spend some time outdoors to de-stress and feel better. Even having a hobby can be important to maintaining your health and wellness while being treated for addiction. 

Find Routines for Relaxation   


July 1, 2018

Home Tidiness Habits That Will Help Reduce Stress

Photo via Pixabay by RitaE

Millions of Americans suffer from stress every day, but many don’t realize that their own homes could be the cause of stress and anxiety. When our surroundings are cluttered or disorganized, it’s hard to focus or enjoy ourselves, and it can even make our daily chores and activities harder. One of the easiest ways to create a more relaxed environment is to clean it up, make it tidy, and get it organized so that your entire family can benefit. 

The key is to create a good plan.

Write out a list of all the things that need to be done around your home, and go room to room to make sure nothing gets overlooked. Decluttering is the first step, but it’s also important to look at ways you can utilize your space in a more functional way. You can also update areas that could use some work, such as the kitchen or bathrooms. 

Keep reading for some more tips on how to make your home a stress-free environment.

Create a Routine

It c...

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July 7, 2019

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