I’ve only recently actually started to reflect on what self care is and what it means.  When someone asked me what I do for self care, I would always answer, “I don’t know!  Nothing I guess!”  Ask anyone who knows me fairly well and they will tell you that I am not a person who is easily in tune with myself it takes a lot of patience and a lot of work for me to answer the tough questions.

When I really started to think about it, I practice self care every day and didn’t even realize it.

I go to the gym every day in the morning, not because I want a hot body, but because I love being strong and enjoy the atmosphere.  I plan out my food and meals every day because I love eating and looking forward to what goes into my belly next!  I go to bed early most days because I love the feeling of waking up refreshed and not tired and cranky.  I read a novel instead of watching TV because I love how the characters make me feel like I am right there in the moment with them.

Some ot...

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A Conversation with my 7 year old about Bowie (and cancer)

July 7, 2019

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