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Edmonton. Alberta



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A few years ago my life was a crazy stress and anxiety filled routine. We had recently moved back to Edmonton from Montreal with my husband and toddler. An eventful move with delays and surprises, new jobs, new place to live while we looked for a house, long commutes to work; lots of stressful like events. Life oftentimes felt like on auto pilot as we tried to settle into new routines.  I had promised myself when I left my mental health job in Montreal to focus more on my own self care. But, a year later I found myself once again suffering from burn out and compassion fatigue in my new job in mental health.  I decided to leave the mental health field and move back into retail management figuring it would be easier on my health. I started a new job, was pregnant with my second child and once again was sucked into a workaholic's rhythm. Then...one day in my early 30s, I woke up and things were different, the kind of different that began with a phone call. 

It went like this:

“The biopsy we took shows that yes, it is cancer.”

Time stopped; my life changed.

Holy shit.

I had just recently given birth to my second child and starting maternity leave when I heard those three words.

“you have cancer”.

I was floored. I was a busy mom who, after experiencing compassion fatigue, had left a career I loved in the mental health field to get back into management where I helped run a million dollar business and, then myself into further burnout. I was juggling a billion things at once and my diagnosis was so unexpected that everything came crashing down.

It wasn't until after the experience of cancer and having suffered burnout a few times in jobs that took a lot and gave back very little that I realized I did not want to go through this again. Becoming trained and certified in Holistic Nutrition and putting into practice realistic self-care habits and routines and simplifying everything has been key in bouncing back. 

Now I am using my experience and training to help others. My work and life experience set me aside from the rest.  I truly "get it" and that is why my plans and support programs really work.

Are you ready to make a change?


Done for you grocery lists, recipes and prep guides.


Everything you need to hit the ground running!

One week or Three Week Custom Meal Plan packages: tailored towards your body's unique needs using whole foods that will nourish and support your body.



My training in nutrition includes a number of specialties including autoimmune and gut health but my  passion for


and customized wellness

is where my heart and purpose connect 

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