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Natural Beauty: Pit Stop #1

The more I learn in my holistic course the more I am trying to change certain things in my life. One of these areas of change has been my focus on personal hygiene products such as shampoo, soap, anti-perspirant, toothpaste and face scrub. These 5 items are the backbone of my hygiene routine however, they are also chock full of things I can't pronounce, some that I can, and many that have proven links to toxic and negative effects on human physiology.

Lets start this series out by talking ARMPITS.

Yup, armpits.

Those sometimes sweaty, stinky, smooth or hairy pits that are nestled under our arms at the shoulder joint and stuck along the side of our torsos when our arms are at rest. Did you know that here are more than 20 lymph nodes (small lumps of tissue that are part of the body's lymphatic system, which helps fight infection) in the armpit. The skin of the armpit area is quite thin and therefore absorption of chemicals can happen more easily. Applying something that contains chemicals to this area each and everyday would also increase that risk of absorption.

Have you ever taken a moment to read what is in your personal care products? My store bought antiperspirant contains aluminum as one of the principal acting ingredients. Aluminum toxicity has been linked to brain diseases like alzheimer and senility and is a chemical toxin that I have been rubbing via my anti-perspirant directly into the super absorbent skin of my underarms daily for years.

This is not my first attempt at "saving" my armpits from harm. I have tried some natural products before such as those crystal armpit rocks and in spray form as well and I was left stinky and disappointed. My mom got me a natural beeswax based stick of something last year which I forget the name of and actually quite liked however, it started falling apart and became difficult to use.

However, my most recent fluke armpit find has been ultra exciting. As I was picking up supplements at Optimum Health a few weeks ago in Oliver Square I saw something that caught my eye in their beauty products section. The brand is called Routine and it is crafted in Calgary, Canada and not tested on animals.

They offer 12 scents and 3 formulas to choose from and super cute packaging, fun names and yes, even some formulated for men. They have a chart to help you find the best type for your body and needs. I picked Sexy Sadie which also happens to be vegan (no beeswax) and smells amazing with ylang ylang, patchouli, sweet orange, champa and cinnamon.

Their natural deodorants are coconut oil and baking soda based. They do make one without baking soda if your sweet pits are too sensitive. Each jar contains enough product to last 3-6 months of regular use and has a one year shelf life. I give this product two "arms up"! It was worth the money I spent on it considering it is better for my body and my overall health; plus, my armpits smell amazing. You do need to apply using your fingertips which may not be some peoples thing but other than that, I have been using it now for almost a month and have zero complaints about the product; only praise.

You can order their product online at Routine Cream (they even sell small sample sets!)




*update Jan 2017: check out this great post by about natural deodorant (and they also use Routine) and how prepping your armpits can help you transition into these awesome natural armpits treats!

*please note that I promote Routine because I absolutely love the product and have been using it now for almost a year. I believe in it so much that I am now an affiliate which means that if you do choose to order Routine via my posted link, I will get a small commission however, if I did not fully believe in the quality of athis or any product I would never endorse or support it.

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