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"No poo" shampoo: 1 month update

You may remember from my November 13th, 2016 blog... While 'cleaning up" my personal and household products, I have given the "no poo" shampoo method a shot. It has been one month since starting this method and for those of you who are following or, who are considering giving this a shot, I wanted to share my experience so far.


Not bad, not bad! The second week of washing, I did seem to go through a really "greasy" week that I read about in other reviews however, it was not too bad to deal with with my shorter hair; I guess this could be a pain if you had longer locks. I also had one weird day of flakes... which is really out of the norm for me but then disappeared after a washing. It had been a stressful day so I am not sure if that was somehow related?

In a nutshell, I quite like this "no poo" hair wash. I am going to try some different scents soon such as peppermint or a mix of peppermint and lavender. Dr.Bronner's has a nice variety of scents of castille soaps to choose from including rose, citrus, almond, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus. I also have not whipped up my apple cider vinegar rinse yet which I need to do. I am finding my hair a touch dry but, I do need a trim. I am wondering if the apple cider vinegar may help with adding a little more shine? But all in all my hair is feeling nice and thick and it is looking just as good as when I used commercial shampoo products. What do you think?