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How taking care of your skin with natural products and, caring for it from the inside out really, ma

What you put on your skin, your lifestyle, nutrition and exercise do truly have an impact on the health of your skin.

Gisele Garcia is one amazing example of this. Just check out her photo!

I came across Gisele's story in the Radiant Rebels group I am a part of as an avid fan and user of Batty's Bath all natural, toxin free beauty and skin care products. As you will read in the following exchange....Gisele has given me permission to share her journey.

Gisele commented: "Posting this is very huge for me! I was hesitant because I am embarrassed but I really want to show all of you Radiant Rebels how Batty's Bath changed my life!"

As her photo collage shows, Gisele started her skin improvement journey in the summer of 2017 and has seen amazing improvement in her cystic acne just one year later.

"I struggled so much with my skin and people always pointing it out and often getting unwanted advice or tips. I dealt with self esteem issues since I started to break out this bad. I wore heavy make up to hide it all. I tried almost all products and it was overwhelming for me and my skin. I dealt with bullies as an adult, sadly from relatives and even from my current job. I was already giving up on spending money on expensive make up and products.

One day I searched for "natural cystic acne treatment". There were so many options and the one that stood out was Batty's Bath cystic acne mask. I almost didn't purchase it. When I purchased it, I then did my research on your website and boy, from there my faith sparked again. I immediately became a radiant rebel and began buying more of Batty's products immediately.

💜 And, not one of these photos have an airbrush effect and no make up. Kept it true because I really wanted to see the differences."

😊#foreveraradiantrebel #Ifeelradiant

Now, as a Holistic Nutrition practitioner, I needed to know... so, Little Bird Holistics asked Gisele if she had many any other changes aside from her skin care routine.

"Yes! I did make some changes.

*I stopped drinking milk (well I was never a fan of it lol) I replaced it with almond, cashew, and coconut milk ; even the yogurts I buy I make sure they are non dairy. Same with ice cream but I do have my dairy ice cream cheat days (not as often though).

*I do my best to keep away from red meats; I've been open to Vegan/plant based foods ever since my younger sister started her journey as a vegan about 2 years ago.

*I also began to add maca powder in my smoothies ( I read about its benefits for people with hormone imbalances)

*I do occasional juicing.

*I try my best to have colourful meals

*I have occasional cheat days

*do my best to keep away from tortillas and bread but I do go for healthier options of those

*I try to eat other fruits I never thought of eating for example figs, jackfruit, sweet limes and passion fruit.

Gisele's skin routine:

It was a little difficult for me to stay on one skin routine because I live in Southern California and the weather here can be odd at times. Other than that. My all time favourite to remove make up is the Active Charcoal soap bar; I use that at night time.

Right now because it is summer time, I like to use either Batty's Bath Pineapple scrub or Tea Tree scrub. Both have been great to my skin! I use those around mornings (sometimes night).

I've used the Cystic Acne and Oil Balancing mask three times a week now I went down to once week. I've also used the Refresh and Reinforce serum as a booster and it's worked great on me especially during that time of the month. I've also tried the Gel Cleansers but for me I prefer to use them during late fall and winter because here in Southern California the seasons are unpredictable lol.

What about other lifestyle changes?

In college I had more time to do exercise. I was in dance classes just for fun and also to socialize and release some stress. After I graduated I got a full time job (preschool teacher) and part time on the weekend so it was hard to get back into being that active (5 times a month)..well for me 😅 last year around October I began to exercise again .(4 times a week 45min-1 hr)

Want to learn more about how food can support skin health?

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*Stay tuned for a post on what Little Bird Holistics' favourite Batty's Bath products are!*

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