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It is time; mind, body, soul.

Today I spent hours decluttering and sorting in our home. This is an ongoing project for me and it feels great. I feel like I am continuously lifting weight away from our home and freshening the energy. It is a slow process but when we are done it is going to be so worth it.

In this process today, I came across my book with old measurements from 2015/16 during my fitness journey when I had my cancer diagnosis a few months after giving birth, and pre and post surgery. I had ended up messing up my abdomen after surgery with a giant (surgery related) hernia that I exacerbated unbeknownst to me and took over a month for my medical team to diagnose.

These past two years, I kind of gave up on my fitness routine due to this hernia, chemotherapy side effects, extreme fatigue, depression and anxiety etc and focused more on nourishment/nutrition, taking care of my mental health and self care. That journey is still in progress and I also now finally feel ready to focus again on fitness. Timing decrees that it shall happen this new year.

I am blessed that I have a community of like minded people who will help keep me accountable and also share similar journeys with me.

I am going to take my current measurements tomorrow in preparation to starting afresh! It is time to start the next chapter in this healing. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

In love and health for 2019



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