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If you are ready to leave the restrictive type diets and reflect and learn how to build a positive relationship with food and with yourself, then spend some time with Krystal. Her programs are not about restrictions and set diet plans. Her programs are all tailored specifically to YOU based on YOUR individual lifestyle and needs.


Experience Deeper Satisfaction with Life – when you’re not focused on an eating plan that limits you but rather one that allows you to eat foods you love that fit into your lifestyle, you will have more success.  Find joy and gratitude in your nourishment and in all areas of your life. 

Grow a Healthy Relationship with Food – stop punishing yourself with restrictions and embrace gentle nutrition tailored to your body's specific needs. 

Experience More Energy– eating foods tailored to your body's needs will boost your energy levels. Plus, not stressing out about what to eat and not to eat will reduce stress in your day to day life.

Practice Loving Your Body – release expectation of unrealistic beauty standards and begin loving your body for all the magick  that it can do.  Your body does so much for you each and every day. Learn to appreciate all that it does and can do for you.

Trust in Yourself – when you learn to trust yourself, magick happens. Listen to your intuition. Listen to your body. You are a badass creature full of beauty and strength.


*We will be a good fit if you desire support  in building a self-care plan and nutrition plan suitable to your (real) life that works for you and is sustainable!

*My programs are right for you if you want very customized and flexible nutrition and self care support that takes into account your likes and dislikes, schedule and lifestyle!

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