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Grounded Sage owner Jamie Sabot interviews
Little Bird Holistics

Topics discussed in this podcast episode include:

  • Habits, hormones, and their effect on our skin

  • Important information for those who are new to supporting their skin through nutrition.

  • Meal ideas for overall wellness.

  • A quick "build to suit" framework for skin-supporting meals

  • Exfoliating

  • BROWS - "Spock brows", birth control + brows, filling brows

  • Microblading - questions to ask before diving in

  • Inflammation - and clues to know when you've triggered an inflammatory response

  • Body confidence

  • Advice for speaking with doctors

  • Mother-daughter conversations about skincare and makeup

  • Products from our teenage days

  • What skincare products work for Krystal's skin

  • Self-care routines

  • Real mindfulness practices for busy moms

The Networkers Quest interviews
Little Bird Holistics 

Krystal Anderson is a Holistic Healthcare professional and owner of Little Bird Holistics in Edmonton, Alberta.


She joins us at The Networkers Quest to share her inspiring story of how she went from experiencing overwhelm, fatigue and burnout in her previous career, as well as having an unexpected battle with cancer, to then creating Little Bird Holistics, where her passion for self-care and cancer-care can meet, for her to share her knowledge and experience from a genuine place to help others. 


In this interview, Krystal speaks to the importance of taking action to start your business and not waiting for situations to be perfect. Do not wait any longer, click play now!.

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