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Homemade hair wash: the "no poo" shampoo experiment...

Ok, I am going to be honest here. I do not wash my hair a lot, let alone shower every single day... (*gasp!) But come on, especially a lot of my fellow moms out there; lets be real. I mean, with the routine I have at home with my two little ones starting around 5:30/6a.m., some days I don't have time, or rather, I feel like that short chunk of time I would spend under the spray is better spent doing something sitting for 5 minutes with a coffee or tea and no kids hanging off of me. I am getting better at getting it done but even then I only wash my hair maybe once a week.

Now, if you read my latest bog about personal care items you will know that I am doing a healthy overhaul of my personal care products. My goal is to replace my commercial chemical based ones with either homemade or high quality natural ones.

Today I decided was the day I would experiment with making some homemade hair wash. This no sham-"poo" concoction can be easily whipped up and is very budget friendly. However, calling it the "no poo" method kind of weirds me out so I am simply going to call it my homemade shampoo.