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A Self Care Interview with Wonderwoman & Business Coach, Rosalyn Fung!

*Rosalyn Fung is a Self-Love Life & Business Coach for Women and Entrepreneurs. She is PASSIONATE about specializing in helping women entrepreneurs who suffer from “not enough syndrome”: self-sabotaging behaviours, overwhelm, burn out, and lack confidence to put themselves out there, by shifting core beliefs and develop business strategy systems so they can ultimately get more clients, make more money and CREATE HIGH IMPACT in this world.

Do you have a favourite self care or self love ritual or routine that you do daily? Why? And how does it help you?

As an entrepreneur, it’s INCREDIBLY important for me to be grounded both in mind, body and spirit.

At night, I look at my calendar and make a checklist of what I am going to focus on the next day. This helps me stay focused and clear. When I don’t do this, I feel scattered.

As a daily ritual, I love to exercise first thing in the AM, followed by a meditation with self-reiki. I sometimes also pull out cards (I LOVE Gabby Bernstein’s The Universe Has your Back, as well as my chakra oracle card deck) and journal.

Going out dancing at least 1-2 times a month with my friends is something I also really love to do – it’s my fave way to stress relief and shake off stress!

Do you have a favourite product or tool (essential oil, podcast, most comfy pyjamas, beauty product, exercise program, snack, elixir, tea, water bottle, etc) that you use regularly in your care routine and that helps you feel grounded, sexy, beautiful, confident, kick ass, relaxed, calm ...

Optimizing my health in mind, body and spirit is key to living an abundant life. Here are some of my fave ways in how I nourish myself.

For my mind, body and spirit: I am addicted to Young Living Essential Oils! I have been using Aromatherapy both personally and professionally with my clients (to process and support them in shifting limiting beliefs on olfactory level).

Some of my fave ones are “Highest Potential”, “Abundance”, “Magnify your Purpose” for calling in my spirit guides to support me for the Highest Truth and Good for all.

For my body: I eat in alignment of my Highest purpose. What do I mean by this? I eat so that I have high energy, mental clarity, increased intuition, and have a physical body that supports me to move in the way I love and need to in all my roles in life: mom, wife (hello, libido!), friend, coach, speaker, author.

For my body and spirit:

I love drinking tea, any kind of delicious spicy and chocolatey flavoured tea, or green tea. Tea is very grounding for me.

For my mind: Podcasts I love are Lewis Howes, Lori Harder, Amber Lilyestrom Show, True Form with Drew Taddia, The Networkers’ Quest with Matt and Collette.

What does self care and self love mean to you and what do feel it is important (or not) to practice in your everyday life

Self love is both a noun and a verb.

Self-love is appreciating yourself like you do a loved one, AND engaging in activities that support you in mind, body and spirit (ie., self-care activities).

I teach people how to operate their life from a place of self-worth and self-love so that they can lead life and business from this place. It allows us to not let our fears take over and drive the bus.

So self-care is very much part of loving yourself.


*Rosalyn Fung is a Self-Love Life & Business Coach for Women and Entrepreneurs.

Having a background as a Registered Psychologist for the last 11 years and holding a 2nd degree blackbelt in karate, she knows what it takes to develop a mindset to successfully achieve your goals in life and business.

She also is Certified in Eating Psychology and Hakomi Method, a mindfulness approach combining psychology, neuroscience and spirituality to shift limiting blocks.

Rosalyn knows that your overall relationship with yourself has a direct impact on the success of your business.

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