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Reducing Waste

The choices we make in our daily lives have an impact on our world. Building healthier habits is possible and can lead to a cleaner and healthier lifestyle overall.

We have the power to make change.

I came across this short video today about a woman in Los Angeles who challenged herself to go a month without making any trash. It made me think about what habits does our family have in place? Would we be able to live zero waste for 30 days? How can we make even more changes?

Check out her short video here:

Here are some things we do in our family:

  • At my day-job, the company-wide policy is that our partners, including myself, use the glassware for our beverages and not the take-out cups. We are also encouraged to only order the size we can drink so that there is less waste.

  • In my home we recycle, buy some bulk and I have reusable produce bags and bulk bags and shopping bags.

  • For food storage I currently use Earthology and Mind Your Bees reusable and Canadian made beeswax wrap instead of Saran wrap. *Earthology also offers a new vegan version of their wraps!

  • We also got a few reusable snack bags for the kids.

  • We use fabric lunch bags and, I also use mason jars as reusable storage containers.

These snack bags are from Colibri Canada that I got at Blush Lane.

Just look at how cute these are!

  • For water we were gifted a reverse osmosis dispenser that has refillable bottles, a Santevia countertop filter system and, we have metal travel bottles for on the go instead of buying bottled water.

  • For a family of four we usually have one bag of garbage per week (and several recycling ones) but I am sure we can reduce that more once we get a composting system in place! The City of Edmonton offers classes and affordable composting bin systems on sale.

  • We take back our refundable bottles.

  • We shop at second hand thrift stores and antique shops.

  • We love hand me down clothing and goods from friends to dress our kids.

  • We don't bag our grass clippings.

  • In the summer we collect rainwater in barrels for watering the garden.

Now, what can we commit to build even more healthy habits?

Watching this video has inspired me to try and make even better lifestyle choices. It is true that most processed and fast foods are heavy on the packaging. Choosing to use more fresh vegetables, fruits, grains in bulk, spices in bulk and doing more homemade baking will help to better nourish my family by us eating cleaner, as well as consuming less chemical additives and preservatives.

The result: a healthier family and a healthier Earth.

I would love to hear what habits your family practices or what ones you would love to start!




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