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Are you nourishing yourself at every level?

Are you nourishing yourself at every level? Body, mind and spirit?

Hi, I am Krystal, owner of Little Bird Holistics Ltd. and a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™.

My training in nutrition included a number of specialties including autoimmune and gut health but my passion for self-care and cancer-care is where my heart lies.

My true calling is working with women like myself. I was a busy mom, working full time and trying to meet everyone's needs first. Hustling hard, I was soon trying to pour from an empty cup. Sound familiar???

Next came a kick in the ass in the form of cancer. What a way for my body to make me slow the F* down. With burn out and cancer came many realizations for me and, many choices.

• I chose to no longer be a victim in my body

• I chose to become a cancer thriver and not a cancer survivor

• I started trusting my body’s ability to heal

• I learned how to say ‘no’

• I stopped obsessing over the “what ifs”

• I ditched the complicated protocols and plans and focused on foods that felt right

• I simplified - everything

Now I support women like myself in carving out time for themselves, helping them incorporate more simplicity in their daily routines, supporting them with nutrition to nourish their bodies and minds. Working with women who are feeling tired, burned out, overwhelmed and who desire to put themselves first; because they are worth it and deserve it. Women who are facing a cancer journey of their own at any stage and want the support of someone who has "been there" too. Do any of these hit home for you?

I would love to help you in your wellness journey; I currently have space for a few more new clients and can be contacted HERE .

Services are offered person and online with video and phone consultations

Schedule a free 30 minute Clarity Call to see if we would be a good fit. This is a phone-call, or Zoom application, designed to give you clarity on areas you want to grow, to discover whether we are a good fit, and, to help you see what my coaching will offer you. It is the first step in our coaching relationship, but in no way commits you to going any further. It is the first step in our coaching relationship, but in no way commits you to going any further. Book HERE.

I also invite you to visit my Facebook page if you have not all ready 🙂

*Sliding scale available for those in need and, special discounts for members of Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC)


Krystal Anderson, C.H.N.™ Little Bird Holistics Ltd.

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